GROUP R3 and CINCAPORC have organized a series of talks, which will continue until mid-December for integrated farmers with the aim of informing about the new regulations and penalties on livestock Biosafety in both regions: Aragon and Catalonia.

These talks address a dual need: promote health on farms and animal welfare, so we will deal with issues of particular relevance as the correct way of cleaning and disinfecting farms, pest control or handling of slurry and animal manures, including others. These issues have been thoroughly treated by CINCAPORC's Veterinarians and R3 GROUP's marketing team for months to get a strong and clear communication about it. After each talk, farmers will have a time for questions to clarify all their doubts.

This series of speeches will be carried out at the premises of ADS or councils of different locations in Aragon and Catalonia, by one of the partners of R3 GROUP, Rude Alegre, representing our company. Farmers will receive at the end of each presentation a certificate of assistance by R3 GROUP and CINCAPORC.